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thoroughly enjoys: oatmeal with peanut butter, letting the wind blow through my fro, pasta, writing, quiet fall mornings, and photography.

thoroughly detests: insects of all kinds, the amount of time it takes to do my hair, and drivers who don't use their blinkers.


highest weight: 229 lbs

starting weight: 216.4 lbs

current weight: 201.5 lbs

1st goal weight: 185 lbs

2nd goal weight: 160 lbs

UGW: 140 lbs

total weight loss so far: 12 kg (27.5 lbs)

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Anonymous said: why do black people use you in the wrong context? such is "you ugly" instead of "you're ugly" I know u guys can differentiate, it's a nuisance



you a bitch

It’s called copula deletion, or zero copula. Many languages and dialects, including Ancient Greek and Russian, delete the copula (the verb to be) when the context is obvious.

So an utterance like “you a bitch” in AAVE is not an example of a misused you, but an example of a sentence that deletes the copular verb (are), which is a perfectly valid thing to do in that dialect, just as deleting an /r/ after a vowel is a perfectly valid thing to do in an upper-class British dialect.

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Another comic I started last night. This one is basically about what it was like being African American in high school, minus the supernatural transformation at the end.
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i feel like mindy kaling is always giving amazing “showin up at ex boyfriend’s wedding lookin flawless” looks
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a moment in hip hop history.


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Within three days of becoming engaged, I had already been told that I shouldn’t wear my glasses, because they’re not bridal. I was told my cane wasn’t bridal. I was told my eye… was not bridal. And I realized that if I was going to be “bridal” in their eyes, I was going to have to change who I am. I am proudly disabled.

This photo is giving me LIFE


"Where is my Edward Cullen?"

"Where is my Damon Salvatore?"

"Where is my Christian Grey?"

For your sake, jail I hope.

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Brenda Mutoni